Fiddle, fiddle

Should You Learn Fiddle?

Ok, so I'm going to be upfront about this. Yes, it is a wonderful instrument and it looks quite easy to some people BUT...the fiddle is extraordinarily difficult and can take many years to learn, even for a very talented individual.  Some might not like this but I advise against it if you are over 35 years old and have never played an instrument before...sorry!

That being said..

There are those that do not take my advice regarding the above. My secondary advice is; take beginning violin lessons from a qualified instructor that is familiar with classical technique and can teach you the basics, work like crazy to master them. THEN, learn to play the fiddle at which time I can help you.

Those with prior experience...

I DO take students that have had good success with skill building and can play basic material fairly well with good technique. Those students will have a significantly better chance of becoming good fiddlers. If you have some skills, please contact me. I can work with you. (How's that for a sales pitch?)