music lessons for banjo, mandolin, fiddle

music lessons for banjo, mandolin, fiddle

music lessons for banjo, mandolin, fiddlemusic lessons for banjo, mandolin, fiddlemusic lessons for banjo, mandolin, fiddle



About me

Musical Background

I have been playing and studying string music from the age of 12. I started with 5-string banjo and expanded from there to other instruments. I have played professionally for over 40 years (whoa!)

Why take personal lessons?

Greetings prospective music students...

Your beginnings as a musician while taking music lessons are VERY important.  

Any experienced musician will tell you that learning proper technique and the language of music at the outset is a huge part of playing well 5 years down the road.

I teach professionally and music instruction is my full-time job.  Whether you have been playing for a while or are just beginning, I can get you on the right track and keep you there.

This is certainly a new age of information sharing and that's good, for the most part. 

However, learning to play music on string instruments is a hands-on experience and inasmuch as online lessons are convenient, you will undoubtedly do significantly better with hands-on instruction. There are just too many subtle things about hand positions, movements, musical phrasing, harmony and melody  that are only correctable in person. 

Learning an instrument to the level of being able to actually play it is much more complicated than it might appear on YouTube or other pre-recorded videos.  If you want to save loads of time and frustration, I can help you do that. It will still take work and study but you will take a significantly more direct route learning from me.

I teach in Midtown Sacramento as well as in Davis, California.

I am a full time music instructor and I'm very good at it. (it's the truth)

I know that sounds like bragging but I have had so many students form all walks of life tell me that...unsolicited. You can find out for yourself by booking a month of lessons with me. 

Crown Junction Breakdown-R. Bowden

Robert Bowden picking Crown Junction Breakdown